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Centralized Fear Relationships: Just Occupying The Partner and Feeling Safe

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Fear relationship is phobia and anxiety disorder resulting in feeling compelled to have a relationship as a result of fear of the future, missing out social phobia. In other words, we can call this having their back to the wall when that relationship is not for them or not needed and occupying someone’s life. Some call this selfish love by having someone for their needs and interests while not giving something in return or not caring about the other side.

The individual controlling the relationship, because of anxiety, shapes the direction of the relationship and becomes the manager. They appear when they need love, hope and compliments, and other times they ignore the other partner’s existence. If the partner does not realise what is happening, similar issues would appear in them later on as their dreams and desires are postponed or ignored. For instance, the partner may want to move together or have a couple trip to somewhere, yet these do not find a response. The fear relationship may end up “you and we” form and one-way emotions. Most probably, the distance replaces the intimacy.

Where Does This Fear Relationship Come From?

This fear can result from any number of dysfunctional bonding experiences ranging from early childhood toxic parental attachments to relationship failures in adulthood. These negative tendencies are based on deep-seated feelings that they developed in early childhood of being essentially bad, unlovable or deficient. In another way, it can also be a situation of being stuck on an event experienced in adulthood and not being able to overcome it. Another option may be the inability to show up themselves due to the lack of self-confidence, and it may be difficult for the other partner to understand this because of low intimacy.