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Unpacking Overtourism: A Global Phenomenon with Local Consequences

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Tourism, as one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, has propelled economic growth but has also birthed the term “overtourism.” This phenomenon, characterized by an overwhelming influx of tourists, has led to dissatisfaction and adverse impacts on the economic, socio-cultural, and environmental aspects of major tourist destinations.

The rapid surge in visitor numbers has strained public transportation, infrastructure, and facilities originally designed for residents. The rise of online accommodations and tourism services has further disrupted daily life. The economic benefits destinations gain from tourism often come at the cost of residents and their well-being. As Butler aptly describes, these destinations suffer from their own success, becoming victims of their allure.

European tourist destinations, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Reykjavik, and Venice, have experienced social unrest and protests. The term “tourismphobia” emerged, reflecting locals’ anti-tourist sentiments due to pressures like loss of purchasing power, rent inflation, and a sense of alienation. Overtourism, however, differs from tourismphobia, as it encompasses various factors contributing to the disruptions caused by excessive tourism.

While the term “overtourism” gained popularity recently, the problem itself has roots in literature dating back to the 1960s. Dredge suggests that overtourism is akin to “old wine in new bottles,” drawing parallels with earlier concerns about resource overconsumption and overuse in tourism.

Definitions of overtourism vary among scholars, ranging from exceeding carrying capacity to social and ecological impacts. Overtourism is not synonymous with overcrowding or mass tourism; it requires surpassing a destination’s carrying capacity. Social carrying capacity, a recently emphasized aspect, considers the impact of tourism on residents’ perceptions and is intertwined with the birth of the overtourism phenomenon.

Sustainable tourism is another lens through which overtourism is viewed, emphasizing the importance of responsible tourism development. However, some argue that the concept’s validity is questionable, and it is more of a theoretical marketing ploy.

Overtourism’s global nature is evident, but a local and authentic outlook remains crucial. Seasonality, urbanization, and economic perspectives also contribute to the complexity of overtourism, making it a multifaceted issue that demands attention and sustainable solutions.

In conclusion, overtourism presents a multifaceted challenge requiring careful consideration of economic, social, and environmental factors. Balancing the benefits of tourism with the well-being of residents and the preservation of local culture is essential to creating a sustainable and enjoyable travel experience for all.

For a more in-depth analysis and a comprehensive exploration of overtourism, you can refer to my original thesis where I delve into the subject matter in greater detail.

2019’da Size Değer Katacak 5 Etkinlik

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Yaklaşık 10 yıldır (#10yearschallenge değil, keep calm) iş dünyasının, 5 yıldır profesyonel iş dünyasının ve 3 yıldır da geniş kapsamlı etinliklerin düzenlendiği bir ekosistemin içerisindeyim. Neredeyse her etkinlik kendini sektörünün lideri olarak görüyor ama her birinin de kendini farklı kılan gerçekten de bir özelliği var. Bu konuyla ilgili uzun süredir yaptığım gözlemler ve değerlendirim sonucu oluşturduğum listeye gelin hep beraber bakalım.

TEDxReset 2019

‘Teknoloji’, ‘Eğlence’ ve ‘Tasarım’ konularından meydana gelen ve bağımsız olarak organize edilen etkinliklerden biri olan zihin konferansı TEDxReset, bu sene 10. etkinliğine imza atıyor. Etkinlik çoğu etkinliğin aksine TEDxReset 2019, 1.5 gün süren bir konferans. hem eğlence hem de teknoloji konularında iddialı isimlerle geri geliyor. Yakın zamanda çıkacak Super Early biletlerini kaçırmayın.

Marketing Meetup #happiness

Geçen sene Sophia’nın konuğu olduğu ve deneyime odaklanan Marketing Meetup bu sene ‘mutluluk’a odaklanıyor. Şimdilik belli olan konuşmacıları arasında Bill Gates’e göre dünyanın en iyi öğretmeni olan ve 35 dil bilen Andria Zafirakou, pazarlama tanrısı olarak anılan girişimci ve yazar Shed Simove ve Pepee’nin yaratıcısı Ayşe Şule Bilgiç yer alıyor. Eğitim (ana konusu olmamasına rağmen 2 senedir Bill Gates’in listesinden seçilmiş isimleri ağırlıyor), tasarım, pazarlama, medya ve teknoloji gibi konularında sektörün öncülerini bir araya getiren Marketing Meetup #happiness 25 Nisan’da Uniq Hall İstanbul’da gerçekleşecek ve etkinlik MarTech Awards ile sona erecek.

Online Marketing Rockstars Festival 2019

Ben sadece dijital pazarlama görmek ve Adobe, Facebook ve Audi gibi markaları deneyimlemek istiyorum diyorsanız OMR tam sizlik. Bu sene 7 & 8 Mayıs tarihlerinde Hamburg’da düzenlenecek konferans ve Expo’ya indirimli bir şekilde kayıt olmanız mümkün.

Web Summit 2019 Lizbon

Şu anlık 2028’e kadar Lizbon’da düzenlenecek Web Summit, yaratıcı etkinliklere imza atıyor. Son etkinlikte 70 bin kişinin katıldığı Web Summit sosyal robot Furhat, Mercedes’in kullanıcılarına özel chatbot’u gibi birçok yeniliği ilk sizin deneyimlemenizi ve dünya çapında öncü liderlerle tanışmanızı sağlıyor. Bu sene 4-7 Kasım tarihlerinde gerçekleşecek zirve, şu an için 2 kişi için %50 indirim sunuyor.

Art Basel İsviçre

Art | 41 | Basel | 2010 | Art Unlimited

Art Basel, dünyanın en iyi çağdaş sanatçılarını ve sanatlarını bir araya getiren bir etkinlik. Bu sene 13 & 16 Haziran tarihleri arasında gerçekleşecek Art Basel’de 4.000’den fazla sanatçı yer alacak. Art Basel’in ayrıca Miami’de ve daha yakın bir zamanda gerçekleşecek olan Hong Kong’taki etkinliklerine de katılabilirsiniz.

Free To Do

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It’s only after we’ve lost everything that free to do anything.

 📍 Ağva, Istanbul, Turkey

 🕒 2017

 📷 40mm/5D Mark II

Interesting Facts Behind a Cup of Starbucks Coffee

Reading Time: 3 minutesWe can all agree that Starbucks is the leading coffee company both in our country, of course after than Mahmood Coffee:), and in the world. Some of you have traditional flavours like fresh filter coffee or distinctive flavours like caramel macchiato. As coffee choices may change and vary person to person, some crazy-cool facts abut that coffee brand stay there for all of us. Here is the list, enjoy it! (By the way, my favourite one is not here, it is Hot Chocolate Milano by Caffe Nero.)

1) The prices are not same at every country. The cheapest one is at New Delhi, India. The most expensive one is at Oslo, Norway.

2)Starbucks spends more money on healthcare insurance for its employees than on coffee beans. They offer health insurance to all employees including part time.

3) The company annually uses a whooping 352 million litres of milk. That equals to 155 olympic pools!

4) Starbucks was the name of the first-mate of the whale-ship Pequod, the ship in Moby Dick.

5) The brand’s logo has been updated 4 times since it was founded.

6) Starbucks uses 2.3 billion paper cups per-year. It means one-third of the world’s population.

7) The new Starbucks trenta cup is bigger than your stomach.

8) On average, two new stores have opened every day since 1987.

9) Founders of Starbucks were about to name as “Cargo House” until one of advertising agency mentioned that beginning with ‘st’ were powerful ones.

10) The profit margin in China where company opened first stores is more than any other countries.

This article was published first in Yıldız Kalemlik.

Sessizliğin Sesi Demonstration

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Sign language helps to bridge between people with hearing impairment and those who can hear or not. By using hand gestures and symbols, sign language is an effective way of interacting with the world.

Each gesture or sign has different meaning or message that we can infer directly or indirectly. Also, in terms of career, public and private institutions are looking for people  qualified with sign language apart from English.

Bakırköy Municipality every year organises sign language courses that people from every age can participate. This year again a demonstration after course was holded. As some students from our university accomplished their courses and gain right to take place in choir.

As an Yıldız Technical University Foreign Language Teaching Department Representation, we were in performance centre and had chance to make communicate with some bureaucrats.

Here is the event video, Enjoy it!